Spot Signz

May 3, 2021

Make sure your business stands out from competitors with help from Spot Signz in Auckland.

If you’re looking for new signage for your company car or an eye-catching advertising banner, we’ve got you covered.

We guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and personalised service on all our jobs, so get in touch today!

Vehicle Signage & Designs

Company cars are moving billboards that introduce your brand to the world, and we want you to stand out. The Spot Signz professionals can help design a quality, professional graphic for your corporate car or whole fleet of vehicles.

Building Signage & Graphics

Get the top signage designers in Auckland working on your company’s signage. Capture customer attention with eye-catching, professional signage on your building. Select from general signage, 3D & illuminate signage, and window graphics & frosting.

Banner & Flag Design

Portable flags & banners are a critical part of promoting your brand effectively. With Spot Signz, you can have high-quality, durable portable flags and banners designed to suit your business needs and marketing objectives.


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