February 10, 2021

At Cooltek, we understand the importance of supplying and importing high quality cooling towers, spare parts and water chillers from trusted sources whilst delivering professional after sales service.

For top quality equipment, we trust in SHINI water chillers who harness the latest technology and MESAN, one of China’s oldest and largest owner manufacturers of cooling towers.

Some of our models are ex-store from our warehouse located in Penrose.

Quality Products.

Cooltek understands the importance of high quality service from start to finish by importing only the highest quality water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers for your industrial and commercial use while also sourcing spare parts. Excellent after-sales support is always provided.

Industrial Cooling Towers.

Call Cooltek today for professional importers and suppliers of commercial and industrial cooling towers and receive expert advice and excellent after-sales support.

News Updates.

Keep informed and download the MESAN Engineering handbook from the News page and stay up to date with the latest cooling equipment industry news from our suppliers.


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