Bravo Commercial

February 1, 2021

An established hospitality recruitment company with over 26 years experience in providing exemplary staffing and recruitment services in New Zealand.

Whilst we have accumulated an expansive and long-standing customer base, we operate as a boutique service.

Each job is different, our staff are decided for the clients needs to ensure the best result.


Over the years we developed an intimate understanding of staffing in the hospitality industry, so we are perfectly positioned to meet every need of this vibrant sector.


Do not stress or invest time, rushing around doing tedious cleaning chores. Bravo residential and house cleaning services will do it all for you, so you can spend valuable time with your family, friends and the things you really love doing!

Office Cleaning

We have been providing our services throughout Auckland to 4/5 star Auckland hotels, motels and hospitality environments and are prepared to take on your properties as well.


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