Bridget Emmitt – Personal Fitness Training & Motivation

April 11, 2021

Stop wasting your money on gym memberships when you end up not going, instead try personal training with Truly Toned.

Working with a personal trainer from Truly Toned will keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Partnering with Truly Toned offers you expert advice which helps in ensuring you’re doing everything correctly and in a way that will best help you.

Personal training info

Truly Toned is all about helping you change your life for the better. Personal trainer Bridget Emmitt is a long-time personal trainer that started taking fitness seriously and now wants to help others do the same.

Truly Toned training

Everyone is at a different fitness level so in order to help you reach your goals efficiently we frequently assess fitness levels and tailor programs accordingly.

People we have helped

With personal training help from trainers at Truly Toned, you are sure to better yourself as shown by these people that have been through our programs and come out an improved version of themselves.


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