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March 14, 2021

When experiencing big changes in your life, you may have a lot of questions and feel uncertain about the future.

Make informed decisions with the help of our experienced team of family lawyers at Schumacher Law.

Get in touch today and receive help with whatever you need whether that’s childcare arrangements to preparing a prenuptial agreement.

Children’s Care Arrangements Options.

It can help to see different examples of how other families have approached custody of their children after separation and we can give you advice for you to make informed decisions.

Family Issues Help.

Schumacher Law is here to help with our experienced and caring family legal advice providing down to earth, practical solutions to your family issues. Our service is effective, discreet and understanding no matter the question or issue.

Divorce/Separation Advice.

At Schumacher Law, we can give you answers to your queries about separation and divorce whether that’s if you should file for a divorce, who takes responsibility for the care of your children or who gets what, we are here to help.