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Lamb & Associates

February 8, 2021

The expert land surveyors at Lamb & Associates will map every detail of your Auckland land and building plans.

Established Auckland-based surveying company, Lamb & Associates offers land surveys including subdivision surveys.

The Lamb & Associates team thrive on excellent working arrangements with other land-based professionals – from your architect to engineer.

All land survey services available.

With various specialised land surveys to select from, you will get a complete and professional, detailed overview of your land and building plans. Our survey work can be coordinated with other land professionals on your development team.

Surveying for subdivisions

Lamb & Associates specialise in subdivision surveys and will help get your land and boundary changes through council and LINZ approval processes smoothly. Benefit from accurate, quick and highly experienced advice.

50 years experience in surveying

Benefit from a complete and accurate survey service from Lamb & Associates. Established and experienced, the team is well-placed to help you make the most of the land you’re developing.