Textile Curtain Cleaning

February 7, 2021

Want to freshen up your blinds and drapes? The skilled team at Textile Curtain Cleaning can get rid of those dirty marks, mildew and mould spores.

Don’t let your expensive curtains, drapes and blinds lose their value, get them cleaned regularly by our skilled and knowledgeable staff.

For first-rate curtain and blind cleaning in the Auckland region. Get a free quote now and soon your window coverings will be just like new again.

Drape repairs and cleaning

For all curtain maintenance in Auckland from our North Shore facility. We professionally clean off pet and wine stains, mould spores and mildew, and remove bad odours. Re-lining and repairs can be organised if necessary.

Repair and cleaning of blinds

Get your blinds refreshed by our expert staff. We remove unpleasant smells and clean away stains from nicotine, pets, blood, food, wine, mould and mildew. Restringing can be done on-site and if you need repairs, we’ll organise that too.

Our 10 step process

To ensure a quality service we employ 10 crucial stages for all cleaning and repairs at our North Shore premises. Textile Curtain Cleaning provide temporary curtains while servicing your curtains and blinds, so get in touch now for a free quote.


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