Burrell Salvage

February 3, 2021

Why buy new when you can upcycle an existing treasure for half the price? Build, renovate and create with Burrell Salvage.

Our industrial salvage yard is full of second hand building materials for renovators, DIY addicts, builders, property maintenance peeps and more.

Also recycled furniture, outdoor materials and curiosities – all in the name of creativity.

Building Materials

Organised by size, material and type, the yard and warehouse at Burrell Salvage is a renovator’s dream when on the search for second hand building materials.

Hardware and Furniture

Visit our huge architectural library of amazingly restored and rescued home restoration supplies from recycled furniture to second hand kitchens.

Outdoor and Garden

For landscapers and property managers, the highlight is endless rows of second hand outdoor materials from fencing and pavers to pots, urns and garden seating.


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